• Diversity in the Legal Profession!!Whether you are a current law student, a future law student, a recent law graduate, a potential sponsor, ally or participant, you will find this site a vital source of information, advice and help about the pursuit of excellence in racially diversifying the legal profession.

    We provide the academic, social and other support important to increasing lawyers from African American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian American and Pacific Island American communities. We achieve our goal through a collaboration with universities and colleges, law schools, law firms, corporations and professional associations and dedicated individuals.

    If you are a professional, a current law student, a potential law student, a law school, a corporation, a law firm, law school, college or unversity, or interested individual, this site contains the information you need to facilitate participation in The JD Project.

    For more information about :

    • Pre-Law Students of Color Network (See Below)
    • Law School Boot Camp (Click Here)
    • Online Academic Support for Law Students
    • The Returning Law Student Project (Click Here)
    • Passing the Bar (Click Here)

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The JD Project operates as a non-profit. However, we are not a 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt organization. Meaning that donations to us are not tax deductible.